The Resource to the Source of Your Success :: Leslee Hare offers Meditation Classes, Geomancy, and Psychic Channel Readings for Spiritual Development.

Through One River Consulting, Leslee Hare provides information precisely designed to guide you and your business along avenues that you never imagined possible, towards happiness and success.

If you want to discover ways in which your business or personal life can live up to their highest potential, request a consultation and take our profile survey to see if you qualify for our starter consultation. We work with people highly motivated to incorporate spiritual components into their business life, so that they can swim more smoothly in the One River of Life.

Once you begin to work with One River Consulting we think you’ll find that your business and personal decisions come more fluidly and in greater harmony with your life’s intention. We are so confident of this statement that we offer a money-back guarantee on our starter consultations.

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